Successful, multi-generational family businesses are distinguished by their adherence not only to transparent Corporate Governance arrangements but also by their practice of Family Governance arrangements that help regulate the interaction between family members and the family and the business. 

We are able to assist families at different stages of the family owned business (i.e. first or second or third generation) in formulating Family Governance arrangements that complement the Corporate Governance arrangements of the family business. These Family Governance arrangements are typically collected in a Family Constitution. 

We do not believe in one-size-fits-all. We believe a Family Constitution needs to reflect the special circumstances of a family and its family business. Moreover, a Family Constitution is not something to be given to or be accepted by a family. It is to be derived from and by the family itself with expert and sensible guidance and input by experienced external facilitators.

Hence, we work collaboratively with each client family in need of a Family Constitution and catalyze its formulation by suggesting best practices without neglecting to tailor our suggestions to the specific circumstances of each client family and family business. The final adoption of the Family Constitution is the first act of compliance with it by the family and part of the foundations of longevity for the family business.

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