A Code of Conduct for all employees is mark of a company that commits to respect, protect and promote the interests of all its stakeholders in a transparent way. It enshrines the principles and values of a company and how these are to inform the interactions of stakeholders.  But, whilst it can inform an employee manual, or a company’s approach to supplier contracts, or the interactions between employees at different levels, it is not a document that can prescribe every aspect of operations or stakeholder interaction.

We work collaboratively with owners and management teams to help them crystallize their values and principles into Codes of Conduct that are accessible and practical for employees and other stakeholders and balance the needs of the business with the business environment and culture without compromise. It is our firm belief that whilst no Code of Conduct, or even operations or employee manual can anticipate every circumstance and prescribe appropriate action, every Code of Conduct needs to empower employees and other stakeholders to know what they are expected to do at all times, including elevating a matter to other decision-makers and all the way to top management or even the owners of the business.

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