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Benchmarking of existing Corporate Governance arrangements

It is self-evident that companies at different stages of their evolution and with different ownership structures require different Corporate Governance arrangements. Whilst all companies face similar challenges, ownership structures (e.g. listed companies Vs privately held family companies) and stage of development (e.g. early stage companies Vs companies in turnarounds Vs mature and solidly profitable companies) accentuate different challenges in different ways and render a one-size fits all approach to Corporate Governance arrangements counterproductive.

We are able to evaluate a company’s existing Corporate Governance arrangements by reference to the relevant and applicable Country Code of Corporate Governance and with due regard to the ownership structure and stage of development of the company. We can accomplish this through interviews with key stakeholders (e.g. owners, managers) and the use of extensive questionnaires that help map out the current arrangements and identify priority areas for improvement/action. The deliverable is therefore not only a benchmarking of current arrangements but also a recommended action plan and migration path to best in class Corporate Governance arrangements.

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